Erfoid Beta Program

Erfoid is currently in beta. This document describes what this means and what we expect from beta testers.

Current status

The main feature is implemented and available: searching by image. That's typically the starting point of a beta. It's not a full release because it's not yet considered perfect:

What we expect from you

We want you to use the service as much as possible, and report any problem you might encounter. This includes

Please don't

We have of course no way to prevent from you doing this, but please don't mention this service on any publicly available media (forum, mailing list, social networks, ...). It's ok if you tell people close to you (friends, familly, forum members you know), but only using private messages.

When the first beta stage is over, we will open the beta to everyone, and ask you exactly the opposite, bui until then, we'd like to keep a low profile.

How to report ?

A (currently very basic) report form is available on any search result. You may also contact our community manager that contacted you for the beta program. We will soon add better ways of reaching us.

What's next ?

Despite testing and fixing the software and the infrastructure, we are already implementing new features. Most of those will require people to log in, so this is what we are working on first.

This will not be mandatory to use erfoid.

We want account creation to be as transparent and anonymous as possible, which requires some special care from our development team.